I’ve never been out in public, except for a couple of halloween parties. I don’t think I could pass and I’m kinda afraid to try to go out in public.
One of the great features of BATB is that you never have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. We provide you with enough things to do so you won’t get bored. We want you to feel safe and secure. Once your confidence is built up, perhaps you will venture out with a small group. Rehoboth is very accepting of trans-people.

Will anyone make fun of my attempt to dress like a woman? I don’t have a lot of clothes
We’ve all been in that place when we started. No one would think of making fun of you. BATB is a very supportive environment. You don’t need a lot of clothes either. Bring what you have and you may find someone who has brought extras they are willing to sell or even give away.

I’m married. Would my wife be welcome?
Absolutely! We encourage spouses and partners to attend. We have a partner’s group led by a married couple that meets every day. There are several couples that attend BATB regularly.

What kind of clothes do I need to bring?
Strictly speaking you don’t need a lot of clothes but you’ll see some people who seem to change clothes every 5 minutes. That’s likely because BATB is the only time they get to dress. What we recommend are casual comfortable clothes for daytime activities. Nighttime is a different story. You’ll want a costume for the themed costume party; a nice cocktail-style dress for the Princess Promenade, and then something casual but dressy for the Phollies on Saturday night. If you plan on going out on the town, bring sensible shoes, especially since the boardwalk has been known to eat stilettos.

I would like to be able to attend this event, but I would be unable to get there until Friday afternoon.
We now have a Friday-Sunday solo package for those who cannot attend on Wed. or Thurs. It’s single occupancy only. Check it out on The Details page

Are there vendors at the event?
Yes, we have two on-site vendors: Donna Miller who does hair styling and sells wigs; and Amanda Richards who does unbelievable makeup. Both of these people have been part of BATB since forever and are completely trustworthy. Vendors to BATB must be invited by JoAnn. She doesn’t let just anyone show up.

Can I arrive earlier and/or stay later than the main event?
Yes, we can book your room for several days either side of the event and we’ll get you a better room rate then if you booked it yourself. The extra days don’t come with meals. The earlier you register the better chance we can book the room for the days you want. Let us know how many days before/after you want when you register.

Are there any hidden extras I have to pay for?
No, included in your registration are: your room, meals for each day you are registered, taxes, gratuities, and all activities. If you play Competitive Trivia with us in the afternoon, we’ll buy you lunch, too. Extras you must pay for are drinks from the bar (except during the Welcome Reception on Thursday night) and services from the vendors. No other event gives you such a comprehensive package for one price.

What is the Phantasie Pholliez and what does one wear to it?
The Phantasie Pholliez is our attempt at an amateur talent show, and we stress amateur. The idea is to have fun. Come dressed as you please and enjoy the show. Or, if you have wanted to get on stage, here is your chance! Come to the rehearsal on Saturday and strut your stuff.

Is BATB like other T-Conferences?
No, BATB is not a conference or a convention. There are no seminars or featured speakers. BATB is a private party hosted by JoAnn Roberts, her spouse and friends. It is not open to the public. People cannot walk-in and register. There are no seminars or clinics. All participants must be registered ahead of the event and only through JoAnn and CDS. You cannot make a reservation through the hotel. If you are looking for therapy, BATB is not the place.

Is it just during this time that Rehoboth is friendly, or is it a commmonly accepted thing for the area?
Rehoboth Beach is a very LGBT friendly town all year around. 2015 will be our 12th year and people look forward to having our group in town. You can walk and shop anywhere in town without any problems form the locals.