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Coping With Crossdressing Coping with Crossdressing, 3rd Edition, by JoAnn Roberts, Ph.D.

Too often, women are encouraged to simply accept their partner’s crossdressing without really understanding the behavior. JoAnn Roberts looks at crossdressing from both sides of the relationship and gives positive advice on how to cope. A serious book for couples in committed relationships struggling with crossdressing. This newly expanded third edition includes a series of Perspective essays on: Sex & the Married Transvestite, Crossdressing & Christianity; Divorce, and Self-Esteem, among others.

cds09Speaking As A Woman by Alison Laing

This is the only book on feminine speech development anywhere. Ms. Laing has collected in one volume all the tricks, hints and tips you’ll need to create a “passing” female voice. You will learn earn about modulation, intonation, inflection and how to have fun with your “new” voice. This is a great companion to the video.

cds04Sacred Cows Make The Best Hamburger by JoAnn Roberts

A collection essays and editorials by JoAnn from the pages of LadyLike Magazine, enFemme, International TranScript and Renaissance News. You’ll find out why a passage of JoAnn’s writing was selected for Vested Interests and why JoAnn was asked to be a Special Editor for the college textbook Becoming A Sexual Person. If you missed these great articles the first time around, here’s your chance to catch up.

cds06The Transsexual’s Survival Guide II:Family, Friends, & Employers by JoAnn Altman Stringer

Transsexual people do not exist in a vacuum. Their gender transition affects everyone around them. Ms. Stringer explains the transition process clearly for family, friends and employers in easy to understand terms and provides advice for the extended family to actually ease the transition process for everyone concerned. This book is designed to be given by the transsexual to those that need help understanding the transition process.


BasicMk_cvrBasic Makeup Application with JoAnn Roberts

JoAnn Roberts walks you through her basic daytime makeup routine. Then she shows you how to modify it for a dramatic evening look. JoAnn finishes with a thorough explanation of the products and tools that she uses. 48 min.

TrickscvrArt & Illusion Tricks & Tips with JoAnn Roberts

You won’t find these makeup tricks in any regular makeup guide. JoAnn has collected these tricks and tips over the years from many sources and developed some herself. You’ll find amazing uses for unusual products and learn the “secrets” of the trade. 55 min.

deport coverLadyLike Deportment with Paula Jordan Sinclair

This is every lady’s guide to proper behavior created by a true lady herself, Paula Jordan Sinclair. Sinclair, who has been called the “Miss Manners” of the TV set, will guide you through the proper, ladylike way to sit, stand, walk, and much, much more. 55 min.

SpkDVDcvrSpeaking As A Woman DVD with Alison Laing

Now, Alison Laing’s bestselling book is on video. Learn the secrets of more feminine communication with Speaking As A Woman. Listen and watch as Alison takes her class through voice exercises for pitch control, inflection and rhythm. 45 min.

Coping-cvrCoping With Crossdressing: The Couples’ Video

Every couple who struggles with crossdressing in their relationship will appreciate this video. Every crossdresser who wonders how to tell his partner will find this video helpful. Every partner who wonders if she is the “only one” will find help in this video. Three happily married couples candidly discuss their relationships and how they cope with crossdressing. 90 min.