Forum Tour

I’m going to show you what you can do once you are registered for the BATB Forum

First you need to register and sign in. Go to the BATB Forum menu and choose “Sign In/Sign Up/Sign Out”.


Once you are signed in, go to the BATB Forum Menu and choose “BATB Forum”


You will see a number of topics. I strongly recommend that you read the User Guides.


Now go back to the Forum Home and click on Discussions. The window will reload and you can now reply to a post or start a new post by clicking on the New Topic button.

Your Profile Page is the hub for your activities. You should upload a Profile Photo as soon as you can so others will know who you are.


From your Profile page you can build photo albums and share these with no one but yourself, friends or anyone registered at the site. There is a User Guide for making albums but it’s really pretty easy.If your albums are shared with everyone, they will show up on a Gallery page.


There is a searchable Members List where you can send Friend requests to other members.


You can visit other user’s Profile pages and send Friend request from there. In the screen shot below “User” has sent a Friend request to JoAnn, who can accept or reject the request.

Once someone has become your Friend, you can send them Private Mail without knowing their email address. The system will notify a user that you have private mail and direct you to login to read it.


Last, but not least (and maybe the slickest feature) there is real-time chat. Down in the right corner of the browser window are three bars that expand for chatting in real-time with other logged-in users. Read the User Guide on how the chat works.